Beginner's Guide to photographing flowers and gardens

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Look no further than your garden or local park and you'll find a plethora of beautiful subjects waiting to be shot, in the form of the flowers, trees and other flora that can be found on our doorstep. So how should you set up your EOS camera to capture nature's beauty?

This beginner's guide offers a simple, non-technical approach to photographing flowers and gardens, specifically for Canon EOS users. You'll get a clear and concise guide to taking great close-ups of flowers and more general garden shots.

Close-up and macro techniques suit flower and garden photography perfectly, but both areas can be quite complex. Nina has simplified the techniques and shows you how to use your EOS camera to best effect and to suit the size of your subject.

You will learn how to get flowers to fill the frame and why macro lenses aren't always the right choice for your flower photography. There are also some invaluable ideas for seasonal flower and garden photography.

You will also work through a number of assignments to help you put the techniques into practice. This will reinforce what you've learnt and allow you to get to grips with the various techniques contained in this comprehensive eBook.

128 pages long and packed with inspiring images.

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Click on the cover to preview this eBook


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Here to help 01869 331741

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