What's in October-December 2020?

Get more from your Canon EOS camera with in-depth features this issue on monochrome photography, capturing starling murmurations, using two of Canon's Landscape SCN modes, plus a close look at the Canon Speedlite EL-100 and why this small flashgun should not be underestimated.

In additiion, there are all of the usual familar features, including Canon product reveals and reviews, Reader Challenge results, Ask the EOS Experts and EOSpedia.

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'New Big 5'

Photography is at the heart of the new Big 5 project – a conservation initiative that aims to raise awareness of the threats to the world's wildlife. Five Canon photographers share their passion and experience.



Some images lend themselves to being shot in black-and-white, and can evoke very different moods to colour images. Your Canon EOS camera has various options for monochrome capture, either in-camera or in post-production. We explain how and what you need to consider in terms of subject.



Landscape SCN modes

Often dismissed as being too basic for experienced photographers, we take a look at how two of Canon's SCN or scene modes can be used advantageously for landscape photography.


Starling spectacle

Starling murmurations are an enthralling natural phenomenon both to watch and photograph. Here's how to make the most of the seasonal opportunities with your Canon EOS camera, with Jeremy Flint as your guide.


Focus customisation

EOSSwitchAFfunctionscreenHow useful would it be to change a number of focusing options with just the press of a button? A number of Canon's EOS cameras offer just this – learn about the Switch to registered AF function and when best to use it.


EF vs. RF lens mount

You can use your existing EF and EF-S lenses on your Canon EOS R-series camera without any loss of performance, so is there a need to upgrade? Brian Worley explores this question and explains the new RF lens mount.


Speedlite EL-100

Size is deceptive. This small, light flashgun is versatile and not to be underestimated, says Nina Bailey. Its compatibility across all Canon EOS cameras and range of functionality makes it an ideal kitbag addition.


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