Everything EOS
Your comprehensive guide to the Canon EOS system

Everything EOS is the ongoing project undertaken by EOS magazine to gather together all of the EOS system information and compatibility into one comprehensive guide. It lists every camera, lens, flashgun and accessory in the EOS range, current and discontinued. We then share this guide exclusively with our subscribers. Well, apart from the odd copy that Canon requests for its staff to use!

The Everything EOS supplement is unique and has been built up since the inception of the EOS system in 1987. The last printed version was produced in April 2012. It is now available as a digital-only publication. This is so that we can update it as soon as new Canon product is announced and so that it can move beyond the confines of a small 24-page printed supplement. The first digital-only edition was produced in August 2013 with 30 packed pages and will continue to grow as we add more information.

The guide is indispensible when looking for a particular Canon accessory. If you need a lens hood, cap or battery and are not sure which one you need to fit your camera or lens, give us a call and we will check compatibility for you.

Existing and new EOS magazine subscribers can download your copy of Everything EOS from the subscriber-only area of the website – EOS Extra!. It will be updated every time there is a new product announcement from Canon.

Digital and app subscribers can access Everything EOS via the digital library. Within your digital account look for 'Everything EOS' as a separate publication. By accessing Everything EOS through the digital library you can also employ the powerful search facility when looking for something specific within its pages.

Use your guide to:

Check details on a Canon camera, lens or accessory

Find out when your Canon products were first introduced

See which lenses are available, particularly useful for second-hand purchases

Discover which accessories fit your EOS camera

Check if a particular Canon item is current and check the RSP (Recommended selling price)

Cross-check your existing lenses and accessories for use with your new camera


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