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Here to help 01869 331741



Digital-only subscriptions

Q. Which devices can I use to access my digital account?
A. Any device with an internet browser and active internet connection, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Q. Is there an app to download?
A. No app or special software is needed. The digital edition works through a web browser. Login to your account here. Update May 2016: You can now also download and use the dedicated apps as well as the browser options. Use the same login details via the padlock symbol in the app interface and your app content will synchronise, meaning that any issue bought with credits via the digital edition will also be available via the app.

Q. Can I use my credits to buy issues in the app?
A. No, you'll need to buy and use credits as before via your digital account and browser interface.

Q. If I buy an issue in the app, will this appear in my digital account?
A. No, the synchronisation is one way. Only issues bought via the credit system in your digital account will appear in your digital account. App purchases remain in-app only.

Q. Can I access the 'Other editions' area of the app?
A. No, unfortunately we have been unable to link this section with your digital subscription. However, Everything EOS is available to download via the browser interface and is also available via EOS Extra! (password is in the current issue).

Q. Are there any limits to my digital account?
A. You can only access your digital account from a maximum of three different devices in any 24-hour period. If you exceed this number, you may be locked out of your account for a short period. Whilst the digital editions can be viewed on any internet-enabled device, we recommend that you choose which devices suit your needs and stay with those.

Q. Where is my password?
A. You created your password when you opened your account. If you can't remember your password then use the 'Forgotten your password?' link to request a new one, which will be emailed to your registered email address. If this doesn't work, you can contact us.

Q. Do I need Flash to read the digital edition on my desktop computer or laptop?
A. The software we use to publish our digital magazine uses a page-turning effect powered by Adobe Flash. Therefore you may be prompted to install Flash on your computer. However, with many browsers now moving away from Flash usage, if your browser isn't compatible with Flash you will be served with HTML5-coded pages whcih will work equally as well.

Q. What is HTML5?
A. This is a major update to the coding used in web page functionality. It allows for features which were only previously available through other graphical and multimedia programming. Before September 2011, the digital edition of EOS magazine was not available on tablets or mobile devices because of Flash technology utilised in the page turning effects. HTML5 coding overcomes this.

Q. Can I download magazines for offline reading?
A. You can download entire issues or single pages via the browser interface. These download as PDF files. You can also download issues within the app (ones purchased with credits) and these will remain in the app indefinitely for offline reading.

Q. How big is the magazine file if I download it?
A. You can choose to download a few pages or an entire issue for offline reading. An entire issue is around 30MB. It is compressed for speed and optimised for on-screen reading.

Q. Can I transfer my digital subscription to an app subscription?
A. No, unfortunately we are unable to transfer between platforms. If you wish to take out an app subscription, you will need to do so via the app.


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Trouble logging in?

Digital editions

Q. I can't remember my password. How can I get a new one?
A. Click on the 'Forgotten your password?' link and enter the email address you use for your login. Click 'Send details' and an email will be sent to the email address registered on your account.

Q. I get an error message 'No matching subscriber found!'. What's wrong?
A. Check your email address carefully. Is it correct? Is it the one you use for your digital subscription account? If you have previously clicked 'Remember me' and entered the wrong email address, you'll need to delete the cookies in your browser and enter your information again.

Q. I get an error message which says 'Please buy more credits'. I already have credits or purchased magazines. Help!
A. Please Contact us so that we can look at your account, and reset it if necessary.

Q. Why do I need cookies enabled?
Your digital account works with a secure login so that only paid subscribers can see the magazines. A cookie stores your login authentication so that you can browse through your magazines. If you disable your cookies you will not be able to login to your digital subscription.

Q. Are the email address and password fields case sensitive?
The email address field can be entered in upper or lower case. Your password is case sensitive and must be entered exactly, with capitals and lower case letters as initially set.

Q. From the login page when I click the 'Login' button it scrolls to the 'Subscribe' page. Why?
You must have cookies enabled on your web browser. Enable them then login again.

Using the search facility

Digital editions

One of the most powerfull and useful features of the digital edition is the search facility. You can search across a single issue or the entire library and your search term will be found with references to the pages within seconds. You are then presented with a list of search results which you can click on to take you straight to the point of reference.

How to search – desktop/laptop (browser)
The search box is in the top left hand corner of
the dark grey menu bar which runs across the top of the digital edition window. You can type a search term into the box and hit Enter/Return on your keyboard or click 'Go'. This will search in the current edition. To search across the entire library click the magnifying glass icon to the side of the search box and change the settings to search across all editions.

How to search – tablet/mobile (browser)
The search box is in the top right hand corner, signified by a magnifying glass. Type in your search term them hit Enter/Return. It will perform the search across the current issue. To change this an d search across the entire library click 'Search Archive at the top of the list of results.

How to search – app
Open an issue and click the menu icon (top right hand corner). The fourth option shouls say 'Search'. Type your search query into the box and choose between single issue search 'Edition' or across all issues ('Publication'). The app will then search for all relevant content and display the results.



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