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Getting started with the EOS 80D

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A no-nonsense guide to the Canon EOS 80D. Covering the basics of photography and the essential EOS terminology and camera functionality this eBook is a must for all new 80D owners.

The EOS 80D is a phenomenal camera, taking a step up from the 70D and its predecessors. The menu system in particular takes some getting used to, resembling what's on the higher end 7D Mark II and 5D Mark III cameras. And, as with other models in the enthusiast range, the key to unlocking the potential in your camera lies in your grasp of the basics.

With this eBook you will learn about how to set up your camera and how the different settings interact to create the correct exposures. You'll find out about the Basic Zone, PIC and scene modes and when to use them. Then, moving onto the Creative Zone you will see how to use these to your advantage in different scenarios and use the extra control these modes offer to improve your images.

There is a section on lenses too – the eyes of EOS – and the part that lenses play in your photography. Additionally you'll get an overview of the thought process involved in successful images – from light to composition.

An ideal reference guide for those fairly new to DSLR photography or as a top-up book if you're familiar with the EOS system, have moved up to the EOS 80D and want a recap of the basics. This book is followed on by the more advanced, in-depth Mastering the EOS 80D.

186 pages long.

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