Getting started with the EOS 6D Mark II

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A comprehensive, no-nonsense guide to your new camera – learn the basics of photography and find your way confidently round your Canon EOS 6D Mark II with this 184-page book.

This reference volume will be ideal if you're new to photography, are self-taught, or simply want to start from scratch so as to get the most out of your Canon camera.

Nina starts off by explaining the basic terms used within photography and then looks at how to make the most of the Basic Zone – this enables you to get going with the automated modes on your 6D Mark II whilst learning about the more sophisticated and customisable features on your camera.

There 's also a section on the new guided interface – the EOS 6D Mark II is Canon's first full frame camera to include this feature, which is useful if the camera is your first DSLR.

You'll also find information on the 6D Mark II's comprehensive feature set, including GPS, as well as the wide range of SCN – Special Scene – modes, which will aide your creativity and images before you're ready to move off the Auto modes.

Then, as the guide moves on, you'll learn how take images successfully with your EOS 6D Mark II using the Creative Zone modes. You'll also find out about some of the overrides that you're most likely to use within these modes – what they do and how they are applied.

So you can practice what you're learning, Nina has included a few assignments as you work through the book. This will help reinforce the techniques and get you camera confident.

Extending your EOS system
Part of the strength of the EOS system and why DSLRs remain so popular is the vast lens range that's available to enhance and extend your photography. Nina takes a look at why the lenses you use play such an important part in capturing your images and altering your outlook, whilst also explaining some of the terms commonly associated with lenses.

184 pages long

Key topics
• Camera sensor size and lenses
• Understanding the key settings
• ISO – what it sets and when to use it
• About the high ISO settings and when they need to be used
• Understanding what the aperture does
• How the ISO, shutter speed and aperture interact
• Problem exposures and why they happen
• Understanding the PIC and Scene modes
• Understanding the Creative modes
• Understanding the versatility of the Program mode
• Understanding the basic focusing set-up
• Understanding the basic exposure overrides
• What makes successful images
• The part lenses play within photography
• Understanding lenses
• Understanding lens jargon
• The thought process we use in photography
• Understanding what light does to our images

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