Getting started with the EOS 1300D (Rebel T6)

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Friendlier than the manual and written in an informal style, this introductory guide to the Canon EOS 1300D (Rebel T6) will get you going with your DSLR camera. It's the perfect starting point for EOS users new to photography or moving on from film cameras or indeed any 1300D owner wanting a back-to-basics guide to photography.

By keeping the information simple and non-technical in this comprehensive eBook, you will get to grips with your new camera in no time and learn how to improve your images too.

You’ll start off learning the basic terms used in photography, before moving onto the Basic Zone modes. Once you have fully explored the Basic Zone and how to make use of the features, you’ll move onto taking images using the more creative controls on your 1300D. Common overrides are covered, and you’ll be shown how and when to use them.

An important area when using a new DSLR is lens choice and terminology. This eBook includes a useful section on lenses and how they affect and enhance your photography.

Finally, you’ll finish off by considering the thought process to followin order to get the best results and how elements such as lighting can affect what you’re trying to photograph with your EOS 1300D.

A comprehensive starting point for all EOS 1300D owners, covered in NIna's usual no-nonsense and jargon-free style.

162 pages long.

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