Getting started with the EOS 70D

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For simple, no-nonsense advice on how to get started with your new Canon EOS 70D DSLR camera, look no further than this how-to eBook guide from Nina Bailey, Canon EOS expert and experienced tutor on the EOS system.

Written especially for 70D owners who are new to photography or are self-taught, or are making the transition from film to digital, this reference guide explains the basic terms used in photography and some of the technology found in today's digital single-lens reflex cameras.

You'll explore the Basic Zone modes on your 70D and learn what the different PIC and scene modes are for. The basics of flash are also explained and Nina gives you examples of when the flash can be used successfully to make all the difference to your final image.

Then you'll look at some of the more creative options found on your 70D, including the versatility of Program mode, focusing options and overrides and how the key elements – ISO, shutter speed and aperture – interact with each other. With this information in-hand you'll be able to get off Full Auto mode and take more control of your new EOS camera.

Throughout the book you'll be given mini assignments to help check your understanding and put what you've learnt into practice.

In addition there's a section on lens usage and terminology, lighting and how it affects your image, plus some useful information to improve your composition.

170 pages long.

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Click on the cover to preview this eBook


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