The Essential Guide to Seeing Images

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Composition is key to a successful image. Some photographers have a natural eye for seeing images, whilst others need a little help. Luckily it is a skill that can be taught, and this eBook will show you how to master the art of composition and will guide your understanding of the relationship between the different components of a successful image.

You will learn about light and lenses, framing and composition. This eBook also covers camera settings and accessories, particularly for creative effects and understanding colour and white balance. Lines, shapes and movement are also explored. Whilst the main purpose of the book is to enable you to get your images right in-camera, there is also a section on post-processing.

The Essential Guide to Seeing Images is 140 pages long and is liberally illustrated with dynamic and inspirational images. Comparison shots are also used to demonstrate the techniques discussed within the eBook.


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Here to help 01869 331741