The Essential Guide to Monochrome Photography

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Monochrome photography can be fascinating and the techniques that you learn will stand you in good stead for all the other things you are likely to shoot. Learn to recreate the magic of monochrome using your EOS camera with this in-depth and inspiring eBook from Nina Bailey.

You will begin with how monochrome photography varies from colour, looking at the way in which monochrome was traditionally shot. Delving further, you will learn about different ways in which to get a monochrome image. Nina looks at the settings needed to shoot black-and-white in-camera, in addition to the alternatives that post production can offer, using both Canon’s DPP and Adobe's Photoshop Elements programs.

This eBook also looks at the key shooting techniques for monochrome images, from settings to composition. The traditional elements of shape, line, texture and form are explained, as well as how you get each element to reproduce correctly in your final image.

143 pages long and packed with a wide variety of images showcasing different subjects and techniques, all reproduced in monochrome.


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Here to help 01869 331741