Mastering the EOS 80D

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Getting to grips with your new EOS camera takes time, especially when the instruction manual is over 500 pages long. This is particularly true of the EOS 80D, with its high-end features and specification. Cut your learning time in half with this dedicated guide.

This fast-track, in-depth eBook to the new EOS 80D is ideal for experienced EOS users and photographers with a firm grasp on the basics of photography. Also the perfect follow-on for those who have already read the Getting Started with your EOS 80D eBook.

The EOS 80D has been designed to offer stunning autofocus performance, even when light levels are not at their best. The 45 AF points are highly configurable so any subject type can be tackled. With this eBook you will learn how this powerful focusing system works and how you can customise it to suit your subject.

As the EOS 80D is suitable for such a wide range of photographic subjects, it is equipped with an extensive range of controls which is highly customisable. You'll learn how to customise your camera and set it up accurately for your photography.

From camera navigation to the advanced overrides, this eBook contains all of the relevant information you need to get the most out of the 80D's advanced features – and as quickly as possible.

200 pages long.

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Click on the cover to preview this eBook


Click on the cover to preview this eBook


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Here to help 01869 331741