Mastering the EOS 760D

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Take greater control and really explore the capability of your new 760D with the help and advice of this eBook, written by experienced tutor and long-term Canon user Nina Bailey. An ideal next-step guide if you've already read the Getting started with your EOS 760D eBook or the perfect stand-alone reference guide if you've upgraded from an earlier EOS model and alreday know the basics.

This guide concentrates on the more advanced features on the 760D, in particular ones that have changed from earlier EOS cameras and are likely to be new to the majority of photographers.

The EOS 760D offers a focusing specification that has only previously been seen previously on higher-end cameras, bringing this advanced technology within your grasp. Its focusing performance within both Live View and Movie mode is astonishingly good, thanks to its new dual pixel CMOS AF system. This eBook will help you harness and make the most of this impressive focusing system and more.

WIth this eBook as your guide, you'll become more familiar with your 760D and understand the key controls it offers. You'll learn how to customise it to suit your needs and get it to work the way you want it to. Navigation will become easier and smoother once you've got to grips with the menu system and custom controls.

Throughout the book you'll be given mini assignments to help check your understanding and put what you've learnt into practice.

So master your EOS 760D in no time with this simple, easy-to-understand guide, safe in the knowledge that it's written specifically for your camera.

166 pages long.

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Click on the cover to preview this eBook


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