The Essential Guide to Understanding Light

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How does light affect the images you shoot? Light is arguably the most critical element in the success of the final image. It can make an otherwise reasonable image shine or a stunning scene fail to impress. Yet there is often little you can do to control it. So you need to learn how to work within its constraints and take advantage of the opportunities that are available to you.

Nina Bailey's latest eBook 'The Essential Guide to Understanding Light' explores the limitations and opportunities in detail, analysing the source, direction and type of light which infiltrates the scene. You will learn about how the various camera controls cope with light and how the colour of the light can drastically alter the final image.

Light is variable depending on your location, the time of the day and the ambient conditions. You will discover what you can do to overcome some of the problems that uneven or unwanted light can cause.White balance settings are explored in-depth and you will find out how to configure your camera to correct and enhance the colours in your scene.

151 pages long, illustrated with hundreds of Nina's inspiring images.


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Here to help 01869 331741