Beginner's Guide to Action Photography

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Movement makes for dramatic and interesting images, but the settings can be complicated and allow less margin for error than other types of photography. Learn how to use some of your EOS camera's automated features and modes to take the complexity out of the process and improve your technique with this non-technical beginner's guide to action photography.

This comprehensive eBook provides you with the essential information and approach you need to improve your action photography shots. The techniques for successful action images are simply explained and jargon is demystified.

There are also a number of practical assignments to work through to reinforce the techniques and to help you learn as you go.

Starting off with some of the automated modes you can use on your camera to get you going, this guide will also help you learn about ISO, apertures and shutter speeds needed for action photography, plus exposure controls to get the exposure right in-camera so that, in due course, you can take greater control of your EOS camera.

Focusing is critical to capture your moving subject, so you will find out what focusing set-up you need for your type of subject and understand how this can improve your success rate for sharp shots.

Nina has over 20 years experience in teaching photographers at all levels, from novice up to seasoned professionals, and she knows where the problems can occur in this type of photography. Learn through the series of comparison images which have all been shot with Canon EOS equipment and improve your own shots.

From field craft to lens requirements, from framing to controlling backgrounds, this eBook covers everything you need to know about action photography with your Canon EOS camera.

110 pages long.

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Click on the cover to preview this eBook

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