Upgrading to the EOS 5D Mark III

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As a proud owner of an EOS 5D Mark III, one of the most capable and versatile DSLRs in Canon's line-up, how do you start to get to grips with this phenomenal camera? The instruction manual should be your first port-of-call, but at over 400 pages it's not for the faint-hearted.

This latest eBook from Nina Bailey digests all of the instruction manual into less than 200 pages, pulling out the key information for you to get to know your camera, whether you're upgrading from an earlier 5D series camera or another model in Canon's comprehensive range.

This EOS 5D Mark III offers a full frame imaging sensor, which makes it ideal for photographers who shoot portraits, weddings, travel, landscapes and interior images. It also has a stunning 61 point AF system which allows shooting at 6 frames per second and as such makes it suitable for sports, action and wildlife in addition to the traditional subjects for full frame models.

As it is suitable for such a wide range of photographic subjects, the camera is equipped with a extensive range of controls so that you can achieve the results you want. However, finding what works for you and how best to customise the camera for your needs isn't easy. This eBook will get you up to speed and enable you to configure your camera with the features you need as quickly as possible.

195 pages long, illustrated with hundreds of images.

Need to freshen up on the basics? Then we recommend reading the above eBook alongside 'Getting started with the EOS 5D Mark III'.

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EOS 5D Mark III bundle offer – buy both eBooks for 12.95

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